We provide custom services to keep guests engaged and allow your message to shine.


Scalable Event Management

Time is invaluable. Focus your energy where it’s most needed while we take care of everything else. Event design, CAD layouts, scripting and content creation is just the beginning.


Crystal clear audio sets the tone for your event, whether live or programmed, proper audio design drives energy while staying at an appropriate level. But if it’s a party or concert…then we just get loud.


Functional yet creative, lighting provides a vital dynamic to every event. Our wide inventory of tour grade conventional, LED, and moving instruments can transform any space and spotlight your event just the way it was meant to. 

Video Projection & LED Displays

Proper imagery is the key to furthering your brand’s message at any event. Our team provides cutting edge options that include HD projection, image magnification, and multilayer screen configurations.


With a staging solution to fit every event, we specialize in both hybrid, reusable modular pieces mixed with custom sets that provide the function you require in a unique eye-popping setting.

Photo Novelties

From a classic photo booth to a branded photo novelties kit with fully integrated social media, we specialize in designing cutting edge, one-of-a-kind concepts to engage guests and provide a unique take-away.

Audience Participation Technology

Your guests are ready to speak; we are ready to listen. Social media walls, audience text voting, and testimonial video booths provide interaction and great post-event content.

Talent & Entertainment

Allow us to find the perfect solution or work with your already booked entertainment handling rider requirements and artist hospitality for local favorites and national headliners.

Convention Services

Our convention services’ team will make sure digital check-in, pipe and drape, backdrops, signage, carpet, public address system, booth designs, and shipping run smooth and ahead of deadline. 



We're unlike any corporate event services company you've ever worked with.

Your idea AND execution team

Unlike most audio/visual firms, our designers can create AND execute the truly unique experiences. 

We get it.

That moment you realize someone’s got your back? Yeah… that happens a lot. 

Money-Back Guarantee

In our extremely subjective industry, no one else offers a guarantee like ours. If we haven’t worked together yet… give us a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Rockstar Staff

We know that happy employees are the best employees! Our “employee first” mentality brings us the best, so we’re able to give you a winning team every time.

We Communicate How YOU Communicate

In your busy world we strive to be your stress free partner. You let us know when you want to meet, email, call, Skype, text, or tweet and our team will be ready and waiting to respond quickly and make the most of your time.


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Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse some of our most recent projects below.



Their Vision:

One of the highlights for those who hold Cavaliers season tickets is the annual “Meet the Players” night. Our client needed an event concept and design that would show their most valued clients a truly exceptional evening, while giving each guest time to rub elbows with the favorite players.

Our Execution:

Using a modern non-traditional venue, we transformed a blank warehouse space into Monte Carlo’s hottest casino. Elaborate lighting set the mood as white drapery flowed from the ceiling to the floor putting all of the evening’s guests at the high roller station. Guests and players alike enjoyed fine food and drinks, as they all gathered around the craps table to see if lady luck was with them.



Their Vision:

This year’s vision was to make the second annual CLE Rocks NYE bigger and better than the first year. With an expected attendance of 20,000, this outdoor New Years celebration featured national Cleveland artists, who made their way home to perform for the fans who started it all.

Our Execution:

Starting at 12:01am on the 31st our team worked through the night to build a concert pavilion on a closed city street. Dynamic lighting, an LED video trailer and concert sound for 20,000 were just part of this all-city party. With 3 national headliners, an extended firework show and a separate VIP party, our team worked to make sure Cleveland knew 2015 was going to be one crazy year.


Their Vision:

With the goal of keeping this year’s event on campus, our client wanted to have a fun-filled evening for 2000 employees and their guests. While sometimes hosting an extremely diverse demographic, including a mix of software developers, sales staff, and support team members, may prove to be difficult, our team found this to be an exciting challenge and created an imaginary space for each person.

Our Execution:

Dividing their unique space into 9 zones complete with a unique décor, entertainment, and food / beverage component allowed guests to move feely and experience the party how they felt most comfortable and passing the zones where they didn’t connect. Popular zones included a hands on “big kids” playroom with life-sized classic games, an Asian sushi and Karaoke bar, all white Martini Bar with lounge singer, and the “main stage” with bands and DJ’s playing all night long. 


Happy Customers

Over 17,400 extremely satisfied customers!


Flawless Execution

December 2016

With so many moving parts to our annual meeting, we were so impressed that Rock The House didn’t miss a beat! 

SaraEvent Planner

You Made Us Money

February 2017

As a Non-Profit on a budget; it was refreshing to work with a company that provided us value and helped increase our revenues at the same time. 

NancyNon-Profit C0-Chair

It Just Looked Good!

November 2017

Rock The House brought an energy and finesse that our event didn’t have during its first two years.  

BrittanyMarketing Director

You Make It Look Easy

June 2017

I don’t know how your team does it; but you continuously make [the city] look great! 

DaleCity Worker


Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. The Rock The House heroic sales and support teams are always at your service. Let's get started...